The research activity concerns the development of new analytical methods for elemental, isotopic and speciation analysis and their application to environmental, biological and food samples. In particular, the research comprises fundamental and applicative issues related to the spectrochemical analysis of toxic and essential elements, the determination of their speciation and the precise measurement of lead and strontium isotopic ratios, as provenance tracers. The developed methods are mainly applied in the context of environmental studies in the polar regions, with the purpose of investigating the occurrence, potential sources and bioavailability of trace elements, in relation to natural processes and global climate changes. The research is carried out in the frame of national and European projects and involves renowned research groups. The results obtained in 2012-2016 have been published in 26 articles on ISI journals.

Principal Investigator

GROTTI Marco (Chimica e Chimica industriale (DCCI))

ERC sectors

  • PE4_18 - Environment chemistry
  • PE4_2 - Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques
  • PE4_5 - Analytical chemistry
  • PE4_7 - Chemical instrumentation


RIVAROPaola FrancescaChimica e Chimica industriale (DCCI)Associate ProfessorCHIM/12
Surname Name Department Role Scientific sector
ARDINI Francisco Chimica e Chimica industriale (DCCI) Assistant Professor CHIM/01
SOGGIA Francesco Chimica e Chimica industriale (DCCI) EP technician CHIM/01
MAGI Emanuele Chimica e Chimica industriale (DCCI) Associate Professor CHIM/01

Other components

  • Cristina Genovese – Ph.D., Tasmania University.